How To Select The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Trust Your Instints

I stumbled across a quote about the importance of trusting your instincts. It says, “Trust your instincts because your intuition doesn’t lie.” With a life event like a wedding, your instincts are just as important when saying yes. Planning a wedding can be challenging, especially when making important decisions, such as selecting the venue or choosing the right photographer to capture your special moments. In such situations, relying on your intuition to guide you toward making the right decision is essential. Your photographer plays a significant role in capturing the essence of your relationship, and it is crucial to ensure that they are the perfect fit for you. Trust your instincts; if they advise you otherwise, it’s best to listen and make the necessary changes. Whether it comes to selecting the venue you want to get married at, have your reception at, or who you pick to be your photographer, trusting your instincts should be the driving factor when making such an important decision. Making sure the photographer you select will capture the essence of who you are as a couple is one of the most important things you need to make sure of. If your instincts tell you to run, run, and don’t turn back.

As you read through this blog post, taking notes would be a good idea to help you remember important things you want to ask. Also, paying attention to how I, or any other photographer, answers your questions can provide insight into our experience level. So, take your time while reading, write down any notes or questions that come to mind, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

Determine Your Style

Selecting the style of photography for your wedding day can prove challenging, on par with choosing a date to get married. Decision fatigue can set in, and this can become overwhelming. To prevent that stress, I have compiled a list of things to consider:

Traditional Vs Photojournalism

There are two main approaches to wedding photography when capturing your precious moments: traditional and photojournalistic photography. Traditional photography usually involves posed group shots, while photojournalistic photography aims to capture candid moments and emotions as they happen naturally throughout the day. My approach is a mix between the two. When I sat down with a client to get to know them, they suggested the term “posed candids.” That is the perfect way to describe my style.

Artistic vs Classic

Artistic wedding photography incorporates creative composition, unique angles, and experimental techniques to produce visually striking images. On the other hand, classic wedding photography emphasizes timeless elegance with clean, well-composed shots that stand the test of time. As a wedding photographer, I generally fall into the artistic side. I am always trying something new to make my next shot better than the last. I love using dramatic storytelling to capture the emotions and beauty of your big day. Plus, I love the editorial feel that Vogue has. 

Light and Colors

Light and colors play a huge role in storytelling. Light and airy or dark and moody are usually the main two editing styles seen when browsing a photographer’s portfolio. Think about your preferences regarding lighting and color tones. Some couples may prefer bright and airy photos with soft, natural light. In contrast, others may gravitate towards moody and dramatic images with bold contrast and deep shadows. My editing style changes depending on who my client is. I shoot in a way that lets me keep the details in the shadows. Shooting this way allows me to edit my photos to look how you want them to, not how I want them to look.

Personal Connection

The final and likely most important thing to consider when selecting the style you desire for your wedding is the personality of the photographer you are interviewing. Your wedding photos should reflect your personalities and relationships. Consider whether you want your photos to feel intimate, romantic, fun, playful, or elegant and sophisticated, and choose a photographer whose style and personality resonate with yours.

Choosing your desired wedding style can help you find the perfect photographer to bring your vision to life and capture the moments that matter most. By choosing wisely, you’ll have beautiful images that will stand the test of time and remind you of the love and joy of your special day.

Research Different Photographers

I am committed to ensuring that you have the wedding experience of your dreams, and choosing the right photographer is a critical part of that. I recommend conducting thorough research, including my work, to ensure we are a good fit. Someone other than me may be the right photographer if you are not impressed with my work. If you are, I will deliver an exceptional experience you’ll cherish forever. When conducting your research, here are some things to consider:


Don’t settle for just anyone. Take the time to carefully review each photographer’s portfolio and look for consistency in their style, quality, and composition. Ensure they have experience shooting weddings similar to yours in various settings and lighting conditions. By doing so, you’ll be able to find a photographer who has the skills and expertise to capture every moment of your special day with confidence and precision.

Style and Aesthetic

It’s crucial to think about the type of photography style that best fits your desires for your wedding photos. You can choose from traditional, photojournalistic, artistic, or a combination of styles. Traditional photography is more formal and posed, while photojournalistic photography captures spontaneous moments throughout the day. Artistic photography incorporates unique and creative elements to create memorable images. A mix of styles can provide a versatile photo collection that captures traditional and candid moments. It’s essential to look carefully at a photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision so that you can trust them to provide you with the wedding photos you want.


It is essential to assess their experience level with weddings if you want to pick the perfect wedding photographer. A crucial factor to consider is the number of weddings they have photographed and the duration of their experience. Remember that the photographer’s experience can significantly influence their ability to anticipate and capture the critical moments throughout the day. Click Here to view my blog. Testimonials are another great way of measuring a photographers experience. l n fg


When selecting a photographer for your upcoming project or event, their social media presence will give you a better sense of their style, skill level, and personality. Surfing their socials will help you understand their creativity and expertise. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook can provide visual insight into their recent work, client feedback, and behind-the-scenes content. Their website will provide more in-depth information about their process and experience. Take some time to explore my online presence and make an informed decision.


Choosing a photographer for your wedding can be as challenging as finding a date. And speaking of dates, setting a wedding date can be quite a task. In my blog post, I wrote a detailed guide on planning a wedding from the day of your engagement to the delivery of your album. The first step is to celebrate and then set a date. Setting a date is the first step to getting the vendors you want. Their availability depends on the day you choose. Since photographers are among the first vendors to get booked in the wedding planning process, they often get booked out 12 months in advance and sometimes even further.

By conducting comprehensive research on photographers and carefully evaluating the following key factors, you can confidently select a highly talented and skilled professional who will capture the essence of your wedding day and provide you with breathtaking memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Your Budget

I understand that talking about money can be a sensitive topic, but it’s important to establish a budget before selecting any vendors for your wedding. This will help you set boundaries and avoid overspending so that you can start your new life together without any financial stress. Remember to consider all expenses when determining your total wedding budget, including the venue, catering, attire, decorations, and entertainment. I know that it can be challenging to allocate funds, but doing so will enable you to spend your money effectively and efficiently, ensuring that you have a beautiful wedding that you’ll always cherish.

How to Prioritize Your Spending

It’s important to prioritize your spending based on what you value the most. In my previous article, I mentioned that having a clear vision for your wedding before you start spending money can help with this. When you set a budget, you can prioritize your expenses and allocate your money effectively, ensuring that you get what you want and desire the most out of your big day. For instance, my sister-in-law aimed to throw the best party of any wedding the guests have ever attended, and her reception was undoubtedly one of the best I have ever been to. This is just one example of how you can prioritize your spending to achieve your goals.

Be Realistic

It’s important to be aware of sticker shock and understand that quality vendors come at a cost. Therefore, it’s essential to be realistic about what you can afford. Just like a quality venue, quality photography typically comes at a price. Therefore, be prepared to invest in a professional whose work you admire.

Ask For Help

When you come across a photographer whose work you admire but whose prices are a bit higher than your budget, don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones for help. My mom wanted us to have a reception that we would remember, and neither could afford it. So she helped us with that. Your mom and dad want you to have a wonderful day. They want you to have a day that you remember well. So don’t be ashamed to ask for help paying for your wedding. Also, negotiating is always fun; I am always up for a good game of tug-of-war. Some photographers, such as myself, might be willing to tailor a package or provide discounts for weddings on off-peak dates or mid-week.

Be Flexible

To avoid any stress during wedding planning, it is imperative to be well-prepared for any circumstances that may arise. This requires you to be flexible with your budget, if necessary. It’s important to remember that while sticking to your financial limits is crucial, investing in quality wedding photography is a wise decision that ensures the memories of your special day are captured in the best possible way.

The Consultation

During the initial consultation, you get a chance to meet and assess the personality of the photographer or any other vendor. If you and your fiancé feel that your personalities complement each other, you are more likely to book them. However, suppose you think the photographer’s personality does not match yours. In that case, no amount of convincing will make you book them. It’s so important that your personalities match, as it will reflect in the final product. When a photographer forces their style to fit your personality, you will not want to remember the experience. Even if that means not working with you, I want to give you the best experience possible.


Contracts play a critical role in building successful partnerships, even though there may be more exciting things to deal with. They serve to protect you in several ways, and their presence is necessary. First and foremost, contracts clarify expectations. Reviewing the agreement with your photographer to ensure both parties understand the services, deliverables, timelines, and payment terms is essential. These legal documents also protect your rights as a client by specifying the photographer’s obligations. This includes delivering high-quality images, adhering to agreed-upon timelines, and respecting your privacy and preferences. Carefully reviewing the contract ensures that your interests are protected and you have recourse in case of any disputes or misunderstandings. 

Contracts also document the agreement in writing, which helps avoid misunderstandings. Reviewing the contract before signing lets you identify any discrepancies or areas you’d like to address with the photographer. Most importantly, these legal documents protect both parties in case of a dispute. They ensure compliance with local laws and provide legal recourse in case of any issues. Here is a copy of my contract if you desire to read it before our consultation