Who I Am

And Why I DO What I DO

About Me

Hi, my name is Joseph.

Let me tell you how I became a wedding photographer here in Saint Louis, Missouri, and beyond.

I have been in the customer service industry for the entire time that I have held a job. I love this industry because of the people I get to meet, the people I get to talk to, and the stories each one of those people has to tell.

As a person who loves to be in the presence of other people, I count it a huge blessing to be in an industry where I get to meet so many beautiful people. I consider it an even greater blessing to learn about them in ways that are far more personal and deep than any corporate job can offer. While it’s a privilege to get to witness two people come together and commit themselves to one another, being asked to document their wedding day is one of the greatest honors I have ever gotten in my professional life. 


Passion for Creativity

 As the cornerstone of my craft, my approach lets me see from unique perspectives, which allows me to keep an open mind and push artistic boundaries.


I am continuously raising the bar to deliver only my best. I go above and beyond to provide you with the best experience.


Without you, I would not have a job, so it is my personal commitment to take the time to understand you as a couple and tell your story to show the world who you are.


Striving to do the right thing, at all times, is what guides my decision making. 

My core values

Are in every part of my experience, and I am devoted to exceeding each of my client’s expectations. That is evident in how I strive for excellence in everything I do. I always work to make my next shot better than the last by continuously being a student of my craft. With an understanding that without you, I am left without a job. When I talked about customer service, I said you are what makes my job so incredible, and I mean it. Having an incredible job that lets me do the things I dream is something I will always cherish. Finally, I always strive to have integrity because I want to do the right thing for you no matter what. 

Why I Chose Wedding Photography

I remember the first time I picked up a camera. A friend wanted to practice with his lights and asked me to model for him. He showed me some pictures of what I looked like, and I will never forget what I felt when he showed me. That feeling changed something in me, and I get the same feeling every time I step behind my camera. I asked to take a picture of him, and when I did, I was blown away (granted, he had all the settings set). I was blown away by how something so small could create a piece of art that someone would love forever. So, an insatiable need to learn was born, and I couldn’t stop learning about photography. I learned about every niche I could. When I was learning to take photos, one of my mentors quoted Peter Hurley, a famous headshot photographer. He said, “This camera we hold in our hands profoundly affects the perception your clients have of themselves.” When he told me that, I wanted to make people see how beautiful they are. There is no greater place to photograph beautiful people than at weddings. I have repeatedly said that I am a people person; there is no greater place to people-watch at a wedding. I chose to become a wedding photographer to watch people celebrate the two people I met on a deep level, celebrate with them, and create masterpieces so they can remember the most beautiful day of their lives. 

As an added bonus, wedding photography allows me to be home during the week to be with my beautiful wife and watch my beautiful children grow up. I have such a deep love for my art, and having a supportive wife, I have gives me the ability to do what I love. 

How I Will Approach Your Wedding

I describe my work as natural, vibrant, and sharp. I tend to photograph that way. Using what I like to call ” posed candids,” I gently direct you and your party to achieve the vision that you want. With my ability to pose you in a way that is natural and flattering, and using the foreknowledge the preparation will give us, we will be able to create your beautifully unique story. 

While my wedding photography will have my cinematic, romantic, and dramatic touch, the story you create will always be in line with your vision of your day. I achieve this by using the natural surroundings we have and gently posing you to take you back to the precious moments you had during your wedding. That touch of drama I speak about will come from the spontaneous ideas I get from how the day unfolds. And let me tell you, that is my favorite!


DON’T SETTLE for something less than you. LET’S MAKE your dreams come true. BE PRESENT with your friends and family. CREATE MEMORIES you will remember for the rest of your life. I’ll worry about the rest!