List of Questions

General Questions

Do I deliver every image I shoot?

I do not. I will eliminate any duplicate photo, shots where I miss focus, any photo that is a test shot, photos with bad expressions and any photo that will weaken the overall experience. For example, while my favorite photos come from moments of high emotion, these are times where the most unflattering expressions will be shown. I also shoot with an unforgiving depth of field. When there is sudden movement, there is a high probability that some images wont be sharp. So I shoot a few duplicates so that I can deliver the best image possible for any given situation. 

Will my wedding have a second photographer?

Every single wedding, I shoot will have a second photographer with me. I am a firm believer that there should always be two points of view for any given situation. And that your story cannot be told as effectively if only one person is telling it. 

Do I provide videography?

Yes I do, for more information please contact me via the button at the bottom of this page. 

What happens when you havent shot my venue before?

I have shot all over the Midwest, so there is a likely chance that I have photographed at your venue. In the event that I havent, I arrived to the venue early to scout it and prepare myself so that I can provide you with the best possible experience. I also research your venue prior to your wedding, and because places change, I do this even if I have photographed at your venue. 

Do you provide partial day coverage?

I normally do not. My packages start at 8 hours of wedding day coverage with a couple having a budget of 2,999 or higher. 

Do You do any other types of photography?

I am experienced in many different fields of photography. I specialize in wedding photography, but I also do family photography and headshot photography. For more information reach out!


Do I have a philosphy about photography?

My photography mentor once told me that the camera that I hold is an incredible tool that can completely transform someones perspect they have of themself. I remember the first time I brought the beauty out of someone who didnt see it in themselves. My philosophy is to photograph you in a way that will bring out the best in you. Find out more here

What is my style?

Cinematic, Romantic, and Dramatic. I am always shooting to tell a story for your album. This technique gives my photos the signature feeling that everything is Cinematic. Its romantic because of the photojournalistic approach that I take to weddings. The dramatic side of my style comes out with the incorporation of different lighting and posing techniques that truly set my work appart. I will do what I need to get THE shot.  

How do I handle low light?

I have shot in some very dark locations. Whether it is a dark catholic church or a reception hall that has little to no lighting, you name it, I have shot in that situation. I have spent countless hours researching the best camera, lenses and lighting, so you dont have to worry about the quality of your images degrading. 

The Editing Process

Do I edit each photo I deliver?

Yes, every image that I deliver will have my signature style attached to it. From the photos that you see on my portfolio, the photos you get for your sneak peeks and the photos you received for the final product will not leave my computer without being edited with my signature style. 

What does touching up a photo mean?

Retouching a photo is the process that is used to ensure that the photos appearance is improved. From the highlights to the shadows, removal of defects like dirt and blemishes will be either removed or fixed 

The Wedding Day

How much time do I recommend for a successful day?

I recommend no fewer than 8 hours of wedding day coverage. Take a look at an ideal wedding day timeline

Will I help you with the timeline?

Absolutely! I am your go to person for any question or need that you will have for your wedding day!

Engagement Session

When is the best time to do our engagement session?

There are many different reasons why an engagement session is important. But there are two significant reasons why I recommend this to my clients. The first reason is because it gives us a practice run before your wedding. It might sound cliche, but it is important for the both of us to work together before your wedding. That way we get all the wrinkles ironed before the wedding so you have the best possible day. The second reason is because these photos are typically used for the wedding announcements and the invitations. So I generally recommend that these photos be taken no later than 12 weeks prior to your wedding. That way I will have time to finish the post production and get them to you before that deadline. 

Where should we do our engagement session?

There was a video of Chad Smith (drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) being challenged to improvising drums for a song that he has never heard before. This video is a great example of how a professional does what is needed for the song, where a novice would play what he wanted to play. My approach to photographing anything is very much the same. I will always make decisions based on the vision that the both of you have. During the consultation for the engagement session, I will ask directed questions to get to know the vision that you have. From that information we will decide where to photograph and when. 

How long does it take to edit our photos?

Post production usually is done within 6 weeks of the event. 

How many images do you typically deliver from and engagement session? From a wedding?

When I am photographing an engagement session, I have found that I usually net about 15-25 images for an hour session. When photographing a wedding I have found that with 2 photographers, we will net about 70-90 images an hour. This is by no means a guarantee, just an idea. 

When and where can we view our engagement pictures?

I will have your engagement photos finished within 6 weeks of the event. For an additional fee, you can put a rush on it. Your photos will be hosted on a pixie site for 6 months, and then taken down. 


What rights do I have to the digital prints?

When you sign my contract, you will receive a perpetual license for printing and sharing on social media. You may not sell your photos for profit or submit them for publication without my express written consent. 

Do you provide the RAW files from my engagement session and wedding day?

I normally dont. I dont want my clients to have to sift through 3k+ images just to find the ones that I deliver. Raw images can be provided with restrictions and an additional fee. 

How many images do you deliver on the image download?

Unless I am running a deal, I deliver all of the deliverable images, without proofing. 

Do you provide the digital negatives after the shoot?

Yes, I provide all the images that are delivered via a digital download. You will be able print any of the files that I deliver. 

What if I lose my images?

After I deliver the photos to you, you will be able to download your photos from the same place for as many times as you want for 6 months. After this 6 month period, if the photos have been archived this will require an additional charge. For this reason, I recommend that all my clients backup their photos in 2-3 places after they are delivered. 


How long does it take to get my album?

Production time varies based on the time of year, but usually once the order is placed it takes about 6 weeks. 

How long does it take to get my prints?

Similar to albums, production time varies based on the time of year, but usually once the order is placed it takes about 6 weeks.

Can I add more pages and images to my album?

You can add as many album spreads as you would like to. But if the final proof has been completed, there is an addition charge for adding after the finallized proof. 

How do I get started on my wedding album?

When you receive your images, I will send you a form to fill out to get that process started. We will sit down after you fill that form out and get your vision for the album and then I will put together the first proof. 


What equipment do I use?

To see a full list of the equipment that I use, click this link


Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes, upon request, I can provide you with my business insurance policy. 


How do I reserve you for my date?

With a signed contract and a 30% retainer fee paid, your date will be reserved in my calendar. Once that date is reserved, I will not be taking any more weddings on that day. 

Is there an additional fee if we pay via credit card?

If you pay with a credit card, your payment will be subject to a 3% processing fee. 

If we cancel the wedding will we receive our deposit back?

Unfortunately, I cannot return your retainer fee. Once I receive that, I am no longer taking any weddings for that day. Because of that, if you cancel your wedding, I will not be able to return your wedding fee. 

If we change our wedding to a different date will we be able to use our deposit towards a future date?

Yes, up to a year, you will be able to use your retainer fee for a new date. However, any scheduled dates will take precedence over date changes. 

Are there travel fees associated with the Engagement Session and/or Wedding Day shoot(s)?

Yes, any shoots that are outside of 50 mile from 2030 Union Rd, St. Louis, MO 63125 will have a travel fee assessed.