Documented Your Way

Your St Louis Wedding Photography Experience

In a digital age, memories are left behind

Printed, your most cherished memories are immortal


Your wedding photography should represent your story. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work for any bride. See how your experience will be unique!


The preparation we take makes the photos we create possible. We will capture photos that share your story well.


I photograph with your album in mind. You will have a handwritten story of your wedding day for generations. 

Step #1: The Anticipation

The Consultation

So! You are looking for a St. Louis Wedding photographer who you want to understand your vision. I start the experience off with a quick phone call to get to know you and your fiance’. Let’s set up a time for a quick phone call. If my approach compliments your vision, we’ll get you on the calendar. From there, my mission will be to take the stress of planning a wedding away from you while always giving you the final word. Giving you the rare opportunity to enjoy being engaged and soaking up every memory you create

The Engagement Session

The Engagement session is an important part of the process. Not only do I get to dive deep into getting to know you both as a couple, but you also get to know me and how I work. Your engagement session is also the time I use to teach you how to be comfortable. That way, when your wedding day arrives, I will know exactly what makes both of you comfortable. Allowing the day to go as seamlessly as possible. As an added bonus, you get beautiful images that tell your story and are something to look back on. For more information on posing, CLICK HERE

Now and Then

Between the booking and your wedding day, many regular photographers collect. I am not the type of photographer who shows up to your wedding and rattles off my shutter, counting the minutes till I am done. No. I desire to get to know you and your fiance deeply and personally. It is my mission to make sure that I am used as the resource that I am. You will be able to reach out and ask me questions. That way, when I am making decisions during the day, photograph you this way or that way; I will be making those decisions with your vision in mind. 

Step #2: Your Day

The Wedding Consultation

I have photographed all over the Midwest. So, if you’re looking for a St. Louis photographer or one who travels, know that no matter where you are getting married, I will be prepared. I will be able to find the perfect light no matter the situation.

As you are planning your wedding. I will be your go-to person for anything. I will help you with the inspiration necessary for any photos you want or need. I also help with your timeline so that you can ensure that being present on your wedding day is your main concern. 


Your day has finally arrived. We have done all the planning and set your vision in stone; now is the time to soak it all in and enjoy it. In 5-10 years, your photos will be the only way to look back at your memories. I desire to put a smile on your face that day.  But before you get there, all I need you to do is sit back and let me worry about your day. I will be your front man for any stressor that will happen. Enjoy your day because it will pass in a flash. Don’t let minor details get in the way of enjoying a day you worked hard to achieve. 


YAY!!!! This is my favorite time because within 72 hours of your wedding, you will receive a sneak peak of your wedding photos. A few weeks after that, we will schedule a little viewing party to reveal your photos to you both. That way, you will be the first person to receive and see your photos. This will be an evening, either in person or virtually, where we can sit and reminisce about how beautiful your day was.
You will also receive a link to an online gallery that you can download and share with the people you love.

Step #3: Remembering

Party Time

I have yet to find a better way to relive your day than with a party where we see all your beautifully edited photos for the first time. You’ll get to see all the precious moments. Moments that were directed and moments that were so candid, no planning could have made it. You will be able to shed tears remembering all the work you put into your day and the anticipation of seeing your bride walk down the aisle or see your groom at the altar. After this, we will start the design process for building your album.


Your wedding album is not just a book with photos in it. It is something that you will use to remember for years to come. You will give your children something so they can see how much their parents love each other. It is a family heirloom that will passed from generation to generation. This isn’t just something I create; it is the most important part of my service. This is the most tangible way of remembering a day that brought two people together for a lifetime of love. Your hard work, your wedding, and your story belong in print.

Click here to see why photos should be printed and not left on a hard drive.

Happily Ever After

While I love being a wedding photographer, the friendship I create with my clients doesn’t end when I leave after handing them their albums. Getting to know my clients throughout this process is one that allows me to see the biggest parts of their life. Meeting their children when they are brought home, the yearly photos, and all the photos in between are why I became a photographer. I love every aspect of this job and want to be there for my clients at every event. 

So here is to Happily, Ever, After


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions that need to be answered, follow the link below for some frequently asked questions that I have received from brides.